APRIL 23–26 • 2022

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ANT Neuro North America

ANT Neuro specializes in being a single-source provider of high performance products within neuroscience research and neurodiagnostics. Applications include EEG, EMG, TMS and MEG technology. Using ANT Neuro products, functional brain information is fused with anatomical scans to gain insight into the working mechanisms of cognition and a variety of brain disorders. Our technology offers a wide range of applications in cognitive neuroscience, neurology and psychiatry.



Bitbrain® is a neurotechnology company that combines neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and hardware to develop innovative products. High-tech EEG brain sensing devices and software solutions for real-world human behaviour research, health and neurotechnology development.We help research, tech and health professionals to leverage neuroscience in a practical and reliable way.


Brain Vision

Brain Vision partners with scientists and institutions at the forefront of neurophysiological research, helping them select and effectively utilize state-of-the-art hardware and software from the world’s leading manufacturers. We deliver personalized, full-service support to further our primary goal of assisting our customers as they strive to attain their maximum research potential and advance the field of neuroscience. The solutions that we delivery and support span across EEG, fNIRS, tDCS/tACS, eye tracking, TMS, peripheral physiology, and more as applied to a variety of application spaces including ERPs, polysomnography, MoBI, and closed-loop brain stimulation.  Tell us about your research, and let us help you push the edge of what research is possible!



Elsevier, a global leader in information and analytics, helps researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society. Growing from our roots in publishing, we have supported the work of our research and health partners for more than 140 years. Elsevier offers knowledge and valuable analytics that help our users make breakthroughs and drive societal progress. Digital solutions such as ScienceDirect, Scopus, SciVal, ClinicalKey and Sherpath support strategic research management, R & D performance, clinical decision support and health education. Elsevier publishes over 2,500 digitized journals, including The Lancet and Cell; our 39,000 eBook titles; and our iconic reference works, such as Gray’s Anatomy. The Health and Medical Sciences (HMS) group publishes journals across a range of subject areas within medical sciences and allied health. The articles that we publish advance knowledge through research and then application, to ultimately improve the health of a population, cure diseases globally and gain a stronger understanding of human physiology. We are pleased to share some of our journals in Neurology.


Max Planck School of Cognition

The Max Planck School of Cognition - The doctoral program at the Max Planck School of Cognition will offer exceedingly bright students a superior grasp of the different methods and approaches used in the rapidly evolving field of Cognition. We are driven by the passion to better understand human cognition and “mental phenomena” (potentially) occurring in non-biological systems and agents. The School is comprised of an outstanding and world-renowned cluster of faculty researchers from diverse scientific backgrounds but with overlapping research interests. The researchers come from Max Planck Institutes, universities, Helmholtz Association and Fraunhofer Society. The program consists of an orientation year (basic courses, lab rotations) followed by three years of research for the doctorate and is fully financed.


Psychology Software

Psychology Software Tools - Developers of E-Prime 3.0 stimulus presentation software. E-Prime 3.0 now includes E-Prime Go for remote data collection! Integrate E-Prime with eye tracking and EEG with E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Pro, EyeLink, Net Station, and Brain Products. Use Chronos for millisecond-accurate responses, sound output, and triggers to external devices. Chronos Adapters provide a simple connection to external devices, including Brain Products, ANT Neuro, BIOPAC, BioSemi, Neuroscan, MagstimEGI, NIRx, g.tec, Smart Eye and more. PST also provides solutions for fMRI research, such as Fiber Optic and Wireless Response Systems, Digital Projection System, and an MRI Simulator with head motion tracking. PST has a 35-year company history with 100,000+ users in 75 countries!



Reflexion is small Pennsylvania-based startup developing unique, touchscreen-based psychometrics testing platforms. Our two products use large field-of-view screens that host various classic and novel psychometric tasks and gamified cognitive training assessments across both the central and peripheral visual fields. The Edge is a 6’ x 2’ collapsible, portable cognitive measurement tool intended for deployment in common as well as otherwise inaccessible environments of interest to cognitive neuroscientists and psychologists. The Flex is a 55” touchscreen TV intended for permanent at-home  deployment for cognitive assessments and interventions. Our devices are regularly updated to include new standard form and gamified tasks, and to collect new forms of data. The current library of tasks offer measurements of reaction time, motor time, eye-hand coordination, inhibitory control, working memory, sequence memory, visual memory, pattern recognition, visual tracking, multi-object tracking, contrast sensitivity, central and peripheral visual awareness, decision-making, and more. Reflexion’s online data repository has a friendly researcher data extract system, and we regularly produce free custom data reports for researchers looking to customize experiments and cognitive measures. Once you try out our system, you’ll instantly understand why it’s being used for research and performance enhancement with major academic, military, athletic, and clinical organizations around the world. Visit us at booth #106 and try to get a high score – use the practice effect!


Science Advances

Science Advances is the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s (AAAS) open access multidisciplinary journal, publishing impactful research papers and reviews in any area of science, in both disciplinary-specific and broad, interdisciplinary areas. The mission of Science Advances is to provide fair, fast, and expert peer review to authors and a vetted selection of research, freely available to readers. Led by a team of distinguished scientists and allowing flexible article formats, Science Advances supports the AAAS mission by extending the capacity of Science magazine to identify and promote significant advances in science and engineering across a wide range of areas. The journal’s use of evolving digital publishing technologies plays a critical role in building and sustaining AAAS’s mission as a global participant and advocate for the communication and use of science to benefit humankind.


Soterix Medical

Soterix Medical - Soterix Medical is the leader in Noninvasive Electrical Brain Stimulation and introduced High Definition-transcranial Electrical Stimulation (HD-tES), which is the only targeted sub-threshold Neuromodulation technology. HD-tES allows coupling with research-grade monitoring technologies like EEG, MEG, fNIRS, etc. Coupled with Advanced Neurotargeting software which allows the design of optimized and individualized stimulation along with current flow visualization, HD-tES allows customizing stimulation for susceptible populations (stroke, pediatric, etc). Soterix Medical also offers a range of innovative technologies from Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation(TMS), Neuronavigation, HD-ECT, fNIRS, Spinal Cord, Galvanic Vestibular to Animal Stimulation.


The Kavli Foundation

The Kavli Foundation was established by Fred Kavli in 2000 with a vision to advance science for the benefit of humanity. We aspire to this vision through our mission to stimulate basic research in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience, neuroscience, and theoretical physics; strengthen the relationship between science and society; and honor scientific discoveries with The Kavli Prize. Our Physical and Life Sciences Programs fund basic research in these four fields, through partnerships, initiatives and portfolios designed to push the boundaries of science. The programs also provide unconstrained funding to scientists at 20 Kavli Institutes globally whose research in astrophysics, nanoscience, neuroscience, and theoretical physics transform our understanding of the big, the small and the complex.


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APRIL 23–26 • 2022

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