Data Blitz Sessions

What is a Data Blitz? A Data Blitz is a series of 5-minute talks, each covering just a bite-sized bit of research. It will offer a fast-paced overview of some of the most exciting research presented at this year's poster sessions.

Within the submissions process authors submitting an abstract will have the option of checking a box to indicate whether they’d like their abstract to be considered for the Data Blitz Session. Selected abstracts will then be scheduled into the Data Blitz session in addition to a poster session. Talks will be given by the abstract first author — a faculty member or student at any level. Accepted presenters will then be asked to prepare a concise, 5-minute presentation for the session. As an incentive all speakers who complete their talk within the 5-minute deadline, precisely timed, will be rewarded a special prize. There will also be up to 3 minutes after each talk, for presenters to field questions from the audience. This extra 3 minutes is not meant to be extra time that you can use to present a longer talk.