APRIL 23–26 • 2022

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience Travel Fellowships

What is the JoCN Travel Fellowship

The annual meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society typically enjoys robust attendance from individuals from institutions based in the US and Canada, Europe, and Northeast Asia. To help promote geographic diversity in our science,  the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience has teamed up with CNS to create the JoCN Travel Fellowship, which provides a travel stipend of $3000, plus waived conference registration and waived poster submission fee, to one trainee from each of four regions that have been underrepresented at the CNS conference: Oceania and Southeast Asia; South Asia; Africa; and Western Hemisphere (minus US and Canada).


How to apply

To apply, applicants must visit JoCN Travel Fellowship Poster submission and enter information about the poster that they would present at CNS 2022 if are awarded this fellowship.

Additionally, the applicant’s primary research mentor must send a brief letter by email to This letter should not exceed 300 words in length, and should 1) include a statement confirming that without this fellowship the applicant would be unable to travel to CNS 2022, and 2) summarize how this opportunity would help advance the applicant’s scientific aspirations.

JoCN Travel Fellowship Poster Submission Deadline: 1/31/22 


FAQ about JoCN Travel Fellowship

Can I use the Poster Submission button to submit the Fellowship Poster Abstract?

No, the Fellowship Poster abstract has to be submitted through the fellowship Poster link. Otherwise, you will have to pay a poster fee along with membership fees. If you are looking for the standard CNS Poster Submission, you should click here to submit it.

Do we have to pay anything when we submit?

No, all fees for are waived if you are submitting as part of your application for the JoCN Travel Fellowship Award.

Help! I intended to apply for the JoCN Travel Fellowship Award, but I mistakenly submitted via CNS Poster Submission; how can I fix this?

Contact, and they can help you through the steps to submit in the correct portal.


JoCN Travel Fellowship Poster Submission Deadline: 1/31/22