March 25–28, 2023

Frequently Asked Submission Questions

How will I know if my poster submission is received?

If you have completed all of the submission steps (including payment), and you clicked "confirm/verify" this will complete your submission. Your My CNS account will NOT say complete, but it will show your submission. You will NOT automatically receive an email confirming receipt of your submission. If you would like to verify your submission is complete, you can contact

I did not complete my abstract and want to go back and complete it, how do I find it?

Go to your account, do NOT click “Submit New Abstract” or “Access Existing Abstract”. Instead choose the link in your membership account that says “Incomplete Submission”. Click this and complete your submission.

I can’t see the incomplete submission, what do I do?


I have multiple invoices in my account. How do I correct this?


I completed all the submission steps, but my account still says my submission is not completed. What's up?

You must choose Confirm & Submit on the verify submission page.

Even if you have completed all the steps, your submission is not completed until we receive notification from our credit card processor that your submission fee was paid. If you paid by eCheck, this can take 3-4 days to clear. If it's been longer than 3-4 days, please contact us at

What if I have problems submitting online?

If you encounter problems while submitting your abstract through our online submission form, you may ask for help by contacting us at Do not email your submission; we cannot accept submissions via email.

My computer hung while I was submitting my abstract and I'm not sure if my submission went through. How can I tell?

You can log back into your account to see the current state of your submission. If you still have problems, please contact us at

How do I know if my submission was accepted?

You will be notified via email approximately six weeks after the submission deadline to let you know if your submission has been accepted for presentation at the annual meeting. See Dates and Deadlines for exact dates.

If my abstract is accepted, how do I know when I will be presenting?

After acceptance notifications are emailed the poster and symposium schedules will be posted to the website. Look for Poster Sessions and Symposium Sessions on the General Information drop-down.

For abstract submissions, there is only space for twelve authors. What do I do if I have more authors on my abstract?

If you have more than twelve authors, use the "Notes" text box. Be sure to enter each author's name and affiliation (eg: Bob F. Jones, Stanford University). The additional authors will be added to the printed program (and PDF download), but will not display on the website.

I have a middle name or initial I would like to use, but there is no field for it. How do I indicate this?

Your middle name or initial should be placed in the First Name box.

Do I need to be a member to submit an abstract?
Can I become a member when I submit an abstract or register?

Yes and yes. The first step of the account creation process is to verify your CNS membership. If you're not a CNS member or your membership is not current, you will be given an opportunity to join CNS or renew your membership. Your membership must be paid through the last day of the annual meeting to be considered current.

May I submit more than one abstract?

No. Each account (and therefore each CNS member) may submit only one Symposium or Poster. In addition, you may be first author on only one submission, including submissions made by others.

I was unable to complete my payment online. Is there another way to make my payment?

If you are having a problem paying online, please try again later or try a different card. If you continue to have problems, please contact us at to make other payment arrangements.

Does the 250 word limit include my title and author information?

No, the 250 word limit per abstract does not include the title of your poster, your authors' names, or affiliation information.

If I'm unable to attend the meeting due to covid restrictions, can I present my Poster Virtually?

Posters can be virtual if you are unable to travel due to covid (positive test), travel banned country, or severe sickness. All posters will have an optional virtual presentation, in addition to the live presentation at CNS 2023.

If I'm unable to attend the meeting, how do I withdraw my abstract submission?

If the first author is unable to present, the abstract must be withdrawn. Prior to the submission deadline you can do this by logging into your account and clicking the "Withdraw My Abstract" button. After the submission deadline the first author must notify CNS in writing stating the reason for the withdrawal. Send all withdrawal requests to

Abstracts withdrawn or not presented at the meeting will not be published in the proceedings. If you fail to notify CNS of your withdrawal, or you do not show up for your scheduled presentation, future submissions may be in jeopardy. Please Note: Withdrawals must be made no later than January 17 to meet the program deadline.

Abstract submission fees are not refundable.

If I'm unable to attend the meeting, can someone else present in my place?

Under certain conditions, such as a family or medical emergency, you may make special arrangements to have another author present in your place. The first author must notify CNS in writing stating the reason for the substitution. In the case of a substitution, the substitute presenter must be registered to attend the meeting. Send all substitution requests to


MARCH 25–28

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