Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Outreach and Training

Announcement and Call for Members


To advance diversity, equity, and inclusivity, and to increase engagement, outreach and training in our scientific society and in the field of cognitive neuroscience, the Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS) has modified its committee structure as follows. The former Diversity, Outreach and Training Committee (DOT) has been reorganized to form two separate committees, each with a more focused charge and set of duties, as follows:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEI Committee)

The DEI committee will support and advance all aspects of the society’s goals to promote diversity, equity and inclusivity in the society’s activities. Examples of the committee’s duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Engaging with underrepresented and disadvantaged members of our community to guide support efforts
  • Identifying ways to increase the diversity, equity and inclusivity of CNS meeting events and society programs and activities.
  • Reviewing and developing administrative policies with the Governing Board
  • Working with the Governing Board to develop and review committee and society mission statements
  • Analyzing and tracking the state and composition of CNS leadership, committees and participants to identify opportunities for change in support of DEI goals
  • Supporting DEI outreach by the society, including on the web and social media through coordination with the Outreach and Training Committee
  • Coordinating with advocacy groups to pursue common goals
  • Establishing methods to recognize achievements that support DEI goals, such as developing a new society award
  • Soliciting and reviewing feedback and input, including expressions of concern and complaints
  • Developing appropriate and transparent metrics of success and tracking those over time

Outreach and Training Committee (OT Committee)

The Outreach and Training Committee will support and advance all aspects of the outreach and training missions of the society. The committee will coordinate specific activities related to development of training and outreach activities, and will support advocacy on behalf of the membership. Examples of their duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying and expanding goals for engagement, outreach and training, including methods of implementation and evaluation
  • Coordinating with the DEI Committee and the CNS Trainee Association (CNSTA) on engagement, outreach and training
  • Coordinating with the Program Committee regarding training events and public outreach lectures
  • Reviewing and developing engagement, outreach and training policies with the Governing Board
  • Coordinating outreach and training activities with other scientific and professional societies and organizations, including national and international organizations, as well as regional cognitive neuroscience chapters and societies.
  • Serving as the designated liaison with the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences (FABBS), of which CNS is a member organization
  • Developing outreach to engage high school and university students
  • Developing appropriate and transparent metrics of success and tracking those over time



We seek highly motivated members, with relevant experience, and demonstrated dedication and success in supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and outreach and training, to join the newly constituted committees. Interested CNS members should email their c.v. with a brief note expressing their interest, and describing their prior experience and commitment to the goals supported by each committee, to: Kate Tretheway (ktretheway@cogneurosociety.org). Expressions of interest in serving that are received by July 9th, 2021, will be guaranteed full consideration.


Acknowledgement and Thanks

The plan described here benefited from the input and suggestions of the former Diversity, Outreach and Training Committee. The Governing Board offers its deep thanks and appreciation to the members of that committee (formed in 2017, reorganized in 2021) for its work and efforts to support the society mission and goals.




APRIL 23–26 • 2022

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