March 23-26  |  San Francisco

CNS 2019 - FedEx Office Poster Printing Discount

CNS is pleased to announce that we have secured a discount to print your poster presentations through Fedex Office (Rocklin,CA), where they can offer a deal of 50% off printing only.

The deal only works through the FedEx Office, Rocklin Center. The deadline for placing an order to get this deal is Monday, March 18, 2019 by 9:00PM. *If the order is sent in after March 18, 2019 orders will still be placed but at the full price. No exceptions. Payment is required before production.


  1. Place order online using this link:! (we will only accept orders placed online, will not accept emails).
  2. Choose “get started” under Banners option.
  3. “Use my own file” under under banners pop up.
  4. Drag or upload your file to the website.
  5. Choose banner type “indoor banner”.
  6. Choose desired print size.
  7. Click “additional information, type in “CNS 2019 San Francisco Poster”.
  8. Choose add to cart, then check out.
  9. Proceed as guest.
  10. Choose pick up, type is zip code 95765 *only this location offers the 50% off deal.
  11. If someone else is picking up, include their name and phone number.

IMPORTANT: If you do not choose pick up, zip code 95765, you will not receive the 50% off discount.

Additionally, you can purchase a mailing tube to protect your posters when you place your order. The mailing tubes are:

  • 36” – $4.49 (most commonly used)
  • 48” - $6.49 (if poster print request is larger than 36x48”)
  • Thumb tac packs are $1.99

Your order will be shipped to the FedEx Office in San Francisco located at 100 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94111.  * All orders will be ready for pick up starting Saturday, March 23, 2019 (morning) at 7AM. **This store is open 24 Hours

Deadline for placing an order is Monday, March 18, 2019. *If the order is sent in after March 18, 2019 we will still place the order, but at the full price. No exceptions.

The material FedEx Office would be running the posters on is Indoor Gloss Banner.


36x48- $38.94 +tax
30x42- $29.21 +tax
24x36- $19.47 + tax

A Fedex Office team member will call for final pricing and payment within 2 hours of order placement. *Payment is required before production.

Thank you,

Dustin Miller
Senior Store Managaer
Fedex Office #1451
6700 Lonetree Blvd, Ste 300
Rocklin, Ca 95765
916.773.4420 TEL
916.773.4469 FAX


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