APRIL 23–26 • 2022

CNS 2021 Press Room

Join us for a unique virtual conference experience!

Press registration is now open for the Cognitive Neuroscience Society annual conference, March 13-16, 2021, to be held virtually. Get great story ideas and connect with neuroscientists, presenting some of the latest research on neurotechnology, memory, mental health, aging, and learning.

Press registration is now open.

Please read our credential policy and email Lisa Munoz at to register.

Highlights will include:

  • Keynote address by Wendy Suzuki (NYU): A lecture on the immediate and long-term effects of exercise on the brain. Learn about studies focused on the behavioral and EEG effects of exercise on the human brain, including the acute effects of exercise on cognitive and mood functions. 
  • Award lectures by Elizabeth Phelps (Harvard) on memory, learning, and emotion; Robert Desimone (McGovern Institute at MIT) on the prefrontal cortex and the control of attention; Anne Collins (UC Berkeley) on learning and decision-making; and Amitai Shenhav (Brown University) on decision-making and cognitive control.
  • Symposia on encoding of new memories, how brain anatomy shapes cognition, neural networks as computational theories, and more.
  • Special session: Affirming Black Excellence in Cognitive Neuroscience will feature colleagues who are also affiliated with BlackInNeuro discussing the breadth of questions that they pursue in cognitive neuroscience and aspects of what it means to pursue these questions as Black researchers at different career stages. Featuring: Taraz Lee (University of Michigan), Ben Baker (University of Pennsylvania), Lauren Whitehurst (University of Kentucky), and Jamal Williams (Princeton University).
  • Hundreds of posters and 50 talks covering the latest neuroscience research on brain health and disease, visual rehabilitation, neonatal development, memory, perception, and more.

Read our CNS 2021 blog coverage here.

To qualify as a member of the press, please be prepared to share press credentials in the form of one of the following: a business card from a news media outlet, a membership card for a journalistic professional society (e.g. NASW), letter from an editor of a news media outlet to show that you are on assignment, or recent clips related to neuroscience. Read our full credential policy.

For all media inquiries, please contact:
Lisa M.P. Munoz, CNS Public Information Officer
Twitter: @CogNeuroNews, #CNS2021


APRIL 23–26 • 2022

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