APRIL 23–26 • 2022

Special Session - Affirming Black Excellence in Cognitive Neuroscience

Monday, March 15, 10:30AM - 12:30PM (ET), Cerebrum Room

Speakers: Taraz Lee, Ben Baker, Lauren Whitehurst and Jamal Williams

Over the past several months, civil unrest in response to systemic racism has precipitated a conversation about racial injustice and the pursuit of equity in our academic institutions and our scientific societies. In response, we have witnessed a renewed responsibility for institutions to take proactive steps toward improving climate and equity, and toward ensuring opportunity for historically marginalized members of our society. It is in this spirit we have organized this special session and panel discussion, Affirming Black Excellence in Cognitive Neuroscience. This CNS exclusive builds off the inaugural BlackInNeuro conference that was held in Fall 2020 in conjunction with neuromatch 3.0. In this special session, colleagues who are also affiliated with BlackInNeuro will demonstrate the breadth of questions that they pursue in cognitive neuroscience. In the subsequent panel, they will discuss aspects of what it means to pursue these questions as Black researchers at different career stages. Come explore science, listen to personal journeys, and envision what is possible with our BlackInCogNeuro peers!


  • Don't choke: Factors affecting skilled performance, Taraz Lee
  • Music Event Segmentation and Representation in High-order Brain Areas, Jamal Williams
  • Neuroscience of Embodied Cognition, Ben Baker
  • Sleep Is Not A Luxury: Learning from our past to create a future of sleep equity, Lauren Whitehurst
  • Zoom Q&A: Speaker will take Questions from the Audience, moderator, Lauren Whitehurst


Taraz Lee,
University of Michigan
Ben Baker,
University of Pennsylvania
Lauren Whitehurst,
University of Kentucky
Jamal Williams,
Princeton University

APRIL 23–26 • 2022

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