Media Advisory for CNS 20th Annual Meeting in San Fransicsco

Celebrating 20 Years of Mind and Brain Discoveries

Join us in San Francisco to explore the nature of how we think!

Updated April 11, 2013

Media Advisory (April 2013)

Check the CNS News Center during the meeting for blog posts and press releases. And follow the meeting on Twitter: @CogNeuroNews #CNS2013

For journalists attending the meeting, please visit the pre-registration desk on the Ballroom floor of the Hyatt Regency to pick up your press badge.
The Press Room will be Regency B (street level of the Hyatt Regency). It will have Wi-Fi, as will an Internet cafe onsite. Hours for the Press Room will be:  
Saturday, April 13:  11:00am-6:30pm
Sunday April 14:       7:30am-4:30pm
Monday, April 15:      8:00am-8:00pm
Tuesday, April 16:     8:00am-5:00pm
Please note that journalists will need to use their own laptops and will be responsible for their own belongings. 
Journalists can register onsite for the meeting but will need to present press credentials.

For all press inquiries, contact: Lisa M.P. Munoz, 703-951-7331

Media Advisory (February 2013)

CNS invites members of the press to attend its annual meeting, April 13-16, 2013, in San Francisco at the Hyatt Regency. See the latest scientific research in memory, language, decision-making – including how neuroscience evidence is changing legal processes, the development of language in infants, and new research on improving working memory through training.

Highlights will include:

  • 3 keynote addresses this year by: William Newsome of Stanford University who studies visual perception and visual-based decision making; Patricia Kuhl of the University of Washington who studies early language, brain development, and learning in young children; and Joseph LeDoux of New York University, who studies the neural basis of emotions, especially fear and anxiety.
  • Fred Gage of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies will deliver the George A. Miller Award address for his work on the adult central nervous system and how it can adapt to the environment over time. His work may lead to methods of replacing or enhancing brain and spinal cord tissues lost or damaged due to neurodegenerative disease or trauma.
  • Robert Knight of the University of California, Berkeley, will deliver the Distinguished Career Contribution Award address for his research using electrophysiological, fMRI, and behavioral techniques to understand cognitive processing in humans. His laboratory, which investigates neurological patients with frontal lobe damage, uses this information to develop brain machine interfaces for motor and language prosthetic devices.

Registered members of the press will have complimentary access to scientific talks, posters, and receptions, except the special 20th Anniversary Gala, new this year.

To qualify as a member of the press, please be prepared to provide press credentials in the form of one of the following: a business card from a news media outlet, a membership card for a journalistic professional society (e.g. NASW), letter from an editor of a news media outlet to show that you are on assignment, or recent clips related to cognitive neuroscience.

For all media inquiries and registration information, please contact:

Lisa M.P. Munoz, CNS
Twitter: @CogNeuroNews, #CNS2013


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