APRIL 23–26 • 2022

CNS 2022 | General Submissions Requirements

The following requirements apply to all submissions.

Submission Type

For the CNS 2022 Annual Meeting you may make a Poster Submission and a Symposium submission. Both submissions are now being accepted for the 2022 meeting. If you want to be considered for a data blitz session then you MUST check the appropriate box during the poster submission process and submit your poster by the January 18, 2022 deadline.

CNS 2022 is an in person event to be held April 23-26 in San Francisco, CA.  If you are submitting a symposium then you must have confirmation from every speaker that they will be present at the meeting.  If you are submitting a poster then you will be expected to present your poster in San Francisco. We look forward to seeing everyone in person again!

Important Update! Due to overwhelming requests for a poster deadline extension, CNS will extend the poster deadline one week, to January 18th!  In addition, we want to make it clear that POSTERS (only) can be presented virtually both by those attending the meeting in-person (offering additional exposure of your science) AND those who cannot attend in-person.  This supports the society’s membership’s desire for increased access for those unable to attend. We look forward to seeing everyone is April!

**Please note that posters can be virtual if you are unable to travel due to covid (positive test), travel banned country, or severe sickness. All posters will have an optional virtual presentation, in addition to the live presentation at CNS 2022.

Submissions Deadlines:

Symposia Submissions Deadline January 11, 2022
Poster Submissions Deadline January 18, 2022
Datablitz Consideration Deadline January 18, 2022
GSA/PFA Application Deadline January 18, 2022

Submission Process

The submission process comprises the following steps.

    • Create a New CNS Meeting Account – To create a new CNS Meeting Account (for purposes of registering or submitting an abstract), you must first verify that your CNS membership is paid through April 30, 2022. After clicking the ‘Create an Account’ button, you will be taken to the membership page to verify your membership. If you are not a CNS member paid through April 30, 2022, you will be given an opportunity to join or renew.
    • Create an Account Profile – After verifying your membership you will be returned to the page to create your account profile. By default, your account profile will contain the information from your CNS membership account. You can change this information before creating your CNS Meeting Account.
    • Make Your Submission – On your CNS Meeting Account home page, click either the Symposium Submission button or the Poster Submission button.

Membership Requirement

You must be a CNS member to submit and your membership must be current at the time of submission. Your CNS membership will be checked at the time you create your CNS Meeting Account. You can create a CNS Meeting Account as a Non-Member, but you will be limited to meeting registration only; non-members cannot make abstract submissions. To join or renew your CNS membership, please see the Join or Renew Membership page. It is less expensive to join CNS and register as member than to register as a non-member.

One Submission Rule

An individual may be FIRST AUTHOR on only ONE poster abstract submission. Individuals may, however, be co-authors on more than one submission. When making a submission, please check with the appropriate authors to ensure that this rule is being followed.

Submission Revisions

You can log into your CNS Meeting Account at any time to revise your submission. Absolutely no revisions will be allowed for Symposia revisions after the deadline of January 11, 2022. Absolutely no revisions will be allowed for Poster revisions after the deadline of January 18, 2022.

Submission Fee

The fee to submit an abstract is $75 (U.S. funds). This submission fee is not refundable.

During the submission process, you will be directed to our secured online payment system. You can pay your submission fee by credit card online.

If the payment site is temporarily down or not functioning properly, please try again later. Your submission cannot be made until your registration and submission fees are paid. If you have problems paying, please .

Submission Verification

You can verify the content of your abstract submission by viewing the ‘Verify Submission’ page in your CNS Meeting Account. This page also provides a button for emailing yourself a copy of your submission.

Confirmation of Acceptance

The review committee will review all submitted symposium proposals in December. Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance will be emailed in early-February. Only the Submitting Author will receive email acknowledgments from CNS. All correspondence from CNS will go to the email address defined in your CNS Meeting Account profile.

The review committee will review all submitted poster proposals in January. Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance will be emailed in mid-February. Only the Submitting Author will receive email acknowledgments from CNS. All correspondence from CNS will go to the email address defined in your CNS Meeting Account profile.

JoCN Travel Fellowship Award

To apply, applicants must visit JoCN Travel Fellowship Poster submission and enter information about the poster that they would present at CNS 2022 if are awarded this fellowship.

Additionally, the applicant’s primary research mentor must send a brief letter by email to This letter should not exceed 300 words in length, and should 1) include a statement confirming that without this fellowship the applicant would be unable to travel to CNS 2022, and 2) summarize how this opportunity would help advance the applicant’s scientific aspirations.

Make a Submission

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APRIL 23–26 • 2022

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